DuoLife Day

DuoLife Day is the essence of life, health and energy hidden in a bottle. It contains carefully chosen natural ingredients from all over the world, combined accordingly to the highest quality standards and the innovational synergy system. DuoLife Day is the solution for those who want to activate the psychomotor qualities of their organism and who want to equip their body with substances indispensable for proper everyday functioning.

DuoLife Day- make your everyday a special day...

Unique ingredients of DuoLife Day

The product contains natural vitamins and minerals from the ingredients.

Doctor Piotr Kardasz’s opinion

Doctor Piotr Kardasz

The DuoLife name of the supplement derives from the double-track activity of the sophisticated formula of the selection of miraculous substances grouped with 13 plant extracts in order to support the psychomotor activity of the organism during the day (DuoLife Day) and soothing the emotions, neutralising the toxins and the deep sleep during the night (DuoLife Night). DuoLife is a unique and unquestionably one of the best supplements in our market, with the complex impact adjusted to adults and children’s dietary needs.
The efficiency of DuoLife is based on using the furtherance of the inner self-repair mechanism on the cellular level of our organism with the help of the amendatory powers of the juices, including Noni plant (Mirinda Citrifolia), Ginseng and Vilcacora. They have been skilfully enriched with microelements and active ingredients from the plants of our climate zone. It is worth emphasizing that in order to choose the suitable plant extracts, the latest research results on the efficiency and the way of acting of the active plant ingredients have been used. The research mentioned above led to award two Nobel Prizes in medicine to Dr Bloble and Dr Ignarro’s team.
When DuoLife was being created, the set of plant extracts was selected with subtlety in order to prepare the harmonious plant preparation. DuoLife dietary supplement is a unique, ideally and synergistically created product without any preservatives and with a large spectrum of health activities. It minimizes the effects of environmental pollution, stress and unsubstantial aliment supersaturated with preservatives.

DuoLife, as the extract of the uniquely selected plants with their active ingredients, offers as follows:

- Liquidation of free radicals
- Purging the organism through binding the toxins and metabolites.
- Setting the work of the whole digestive system
- Enhancing the immunological mechanisms
- Stabilization of the work of the endocrine system
- Ensuring the optimal cellular nutrition
- Supporting the right work of the cardiovascular system
- Improving the work of the nervous system, which leads to better mood
- Intensification of the regeneration mechanisms.
- Deep, energizing sleep
- Postponing the ageing processes
- Restoring the homeostasis of the organism

It is worth emphasizing that DuoLife is the supplement prepared by the Polish specialists and the Polish Producer with the use of the highest quality plant raw materials.