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DuoLife Brand

DuoLife is the answer to market needs. It has been created with a special care, taking into consideration all details. Day after day, DuoLife builds up its position on the Polish market.

We have been connected by passion, enthusiasm and our common goal.

We have always tried to be one step ahead. In 2012, having verified the market trends, we could not be indifferent to the dynamic growth of the continuously developing wellness market, both in Poland and the world. The decision about further development and creation of the brand dedicated to this line of business was quite natural. Thousands hours of work spent by groups of experts and specialists in different disciplines, numerous consultations and the common goal resulted in creating a very exceptional product: DuoLife Day and DuoLife Night.

About the company

Together we create our history to make your history be part of our success.

DuoLife is a new brand in the market. It was built on a solid financial foundation - supported by the experienced team of professionals.

DuoLife is an innovative product on the market. It was created by Polish experts and a Polish producer accordingly to the highest international quality standards.

DuoLife is a venture where everybody can find a place for themselves using very attractive forms of cooperation.

The motto that we followed from the very beginning of creating the project is:

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
P. Drucker

Our mission


Answer one question: If you stopped working today, how much of your income would come to you? So you know the answer - this is not the revenue that matters, it is the ASSETS, which generate it. Through the cooperation with DuoLife our mission will become your reality!

Our vision


The DuoLife dietary supplement is a unique product. Our vision is to start the distribution in Poland and then appear on international markets and ground the position of the leader, improving not only the standard of living but also the state of mind of millions of people in the whole world.

Our values
Our values are the foundation of our activity.

PEOPLE, who cooperate with us are the most important in DuoLife. Direct marketing, which is based on the relations with others, gives us the advantage and lets us reach the people who have not seen the opportunity in the business so far.

The activity of DuoLife is based on basic values such as:
Honesty - it regards us and the people we cooperate with
Reliability - 100% engagement and conscientious fulfilling of our duties
Partnership - cooperation, trust and support
Relations - the foundation and key element of our existence and development
Personal development - thanks to it, we are becoming better and better everyday
Integration - joint training events, meetings and parties.

DuoLife Founders

Bartosz Królikowski

Bartosz Królikowski

President of the Board/Co-founder

Bartosz Królikowski gained his extensive experience by working in companies such as Sony Music Poland and Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. and being a co-owner, board member, managing director and proxy in multiple companies from schooling, finance consulting, property and hoteling background. Furthermore, he worked as limited partner in a law firm.

He is also an investor, owner of numerous properties all over Poland.

Bartosz Królikowski holds Jagiellonian University Faculty of Management Master’s Degree, is a Society of Individual Stock Market Investors member, a proponent for the Institute of Practical Education (IPE) and Cashflow Certified Leader and trainer.

Personal Excellence Network (sp. z o.o.) co-founder.
Chairman of Supervisory Board for Live Consciously Campaign.

Piotr Pacyga

Piotr Pacyga

Vice-president of the board/Co-founder

Entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. Recently owner of coaching and translation company. He has been working with network and partner marketing for over ten years. Piotr has a positive and enthusiastic outlook on life. He always follows his own way to achieve his goals. By working with MLM he further developed skills such as perseverance and target planning.

Cracow University of Economics graduate.
Memory and fast learning techniques trainer.
Proponent for the Institute of Practical Education (IPE) and Cashflow Certified Leader and trainer.

Promotor of free entrepreneurship and philosophy of taking responsibility for your life into your own hands.

Personal Excellence Network co-founder.

Norbert Janeczek

Norbert Janeczek

Vice-president of the board/Co-founder

Successful owner and director of event, educational and health company for over 20 years. Economics graduate. Spent five years working with one of the major American telecommunication companies, where he was promoted to the highest Polish managerial position. Originator and organizer of numerous activities on the field of ecology.

Live Consciously Foundation President and Live Consciously Campaign initiator – campaign promoting healthy living in a holistic meaning, presenting it as a welfare concentrated around physical, psychic, social and economic parts of living.

Privately a husband, father to his two daughters. Loves travelling, healthy living and quantum physics.

Łukasz Godyń;

Łukasz Godyń

Board vice-president / Marketing Director

Since the beginning of his professional career, Łukasz Godyń worked with sales and their integral element, marketing. Through the years he became a specialist in sports marketing. He created several marketing brand strategies, which he successfully brought into market and coordinated. Currently, Łukasz Godyń works in wellness business, being the Marketing Director in DuoLife – brand that is known for its dynamic grow on the market. In January of 2016, after almost three years of working as Marketing Director, Łukasz Godyń became DuoLife's Board Vice-President and shareholder.

Jarosłw Rozmus

Jarosław Rozmus

President of Board of Symbiotics sp. z o.o. / one of the creators of the DuoLife dietary supplement.

Jagiellonian University graduate. An entrepreneur with many years of experience in the field of pharmacology and medicine. The owner of the Jaro-Pol Company, the owner of the EkaMedica Brand - Natural Equals Healthy, which has been present in the Polish and world markets since 2003.

Recently the EkaMedica Brand has received many awards:

nagrody ekamedica

Scientific Council

Piotr Kardasz

Doctor Piotr Kardasz

The Head of the DuoLife Scientific Council

Biologist, educator and journalist, the author of many publications and films concerning his scope of study. The author of the research concerning phytoremediation and "Eureka 2003" prize winner. He has been the co-founder and the Head of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Preventive Medicine and the Head of the DuoLife Scientific Council.

Wiktor Stelmach

Prof. Wiktor Stelmach, MD, PhD.

Member of the DuoLife Scientific Council

The winner of the Minister of Education prize for his achievements in his educational and pedagogical work. Professor of the Open International University of Complementary Medicines in Colombo (Sri Lanka). Member of the National Geographic Society. Full Member of the Commonwealth (UK) Institute of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine. Member of the Board of the Phytotherapy Department of the Polish Medical Association. The author of many publications concerning modern technologies in the scope of production and quality control of medicines. He is also the author of few original formulations of herbal medicinal products which have been awarded for their therapeutic efficiency.

Zbigniew Janeczko

Associate Professor Zbigniew Janeczko, PhD

Member of the DuoLife Scientific Council

Manager of the Department of Pharmacognosy of the Pharmacutical Division of Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. Member of the DuoLife Scientific Council. Laureate of prestigious awards. Author of books and numerous scientific publications, including „The Natural Origin Resources in the Immunotherapy of Tumor Diseases”, „The Anti-inflammatory Properties of Plant Substances”, „Phytotherapy in the Face of the European Union and Poland”. Zbigniew Janeczko gives lectures on fields of study such as pharmacognosy, phytocosmetics, the methodology of discovering new medicaments as well as those related to natural medicaments, or traditional systems of treatment. Professor Zbigniew Janeczko combines his work at the university with an ongoing pursuit for new solutions for an even better implementation of natural treatment methods. His years of experience have strengthened his conviction that the most effective way of staying 100% healthy is to combine the newest discoveries in the field of academic medicine with the natural power of plants. Running numerous studies in the field of hemato-oncology as well as in the field of combating obesity, he says that accordingly composed dietary supplements show their miraculous properties.

Mieczysław Pasowicz

Associate Professor Mieczysław Pasowicz, PhD

Member of the DuoLife Scientific Council

Chairman of the Polish Society of Hospital Directors, from 2005 to 2010 also a member of the prestigious International Forum Gastein Board – the biggest medical NGO board in Europe. Currently, working as Associate Professor at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Kraków University. The laureate of multiple awards for his domestic and international achievements, including: the Manager of the Year 2005: Healthcare title – SPZOZ; “Złoty Dukat” medal awarded by Industrial-Trading Chamber of Kraków (IHP) for the Best Company Manager; 600th Anniversary medal of Jagiellonian University in Kraków; the “Honoris Gratia” Decoration awarded by the President of Krakow; the Honorable Decoration from the Health Minister for Extraordinary Service in the Healthcare Field; Order of Polonia Restituta. Originator behind the idea for the first polish digital hospital and originator, long-time director and organizer of “Swift Diagnostics Center”, part of the Jan Paweł II Hospital in Krakow. Originator and initiator of the Integrated Center of Specialist Emergency Medicine and Medical Technologies and Studies Center in Krakow, created with the help of the EU funding. Director of the Jan Paweł II Hospital in Krakow for almost 20 years. During his time there, a specialist Cardiac Clinic was built inside the hospital. Currently, spending his time helping with the development of the Innovative Medicine Institute, which was also created by him in 2011, while practicing medicine, doing research and providing scientific insight in the field of curing and preventing civilization diseases.

Maria Bortel-Badura

dr n. med. Bortel-Badura

Member of the DuoLife Scientific Council

The expert in the field of clinic pharmacology and the Inner Diseases Doctor at the Doctor Department of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. Her impressive experience was gathered by working for many years as a clinical trials specialist, Clinical Trials Coordinator and the Medical Director of the biggest Polish and international pharmaceutical concerns. Member of numerous Science Societies, including Polish Pharmaceutical Society (PTF), General Practitioner Society of Poland (TIP), Monitored Treatment Society and the Polish Society for Good Practices in Clinical Trials (GCPL). Some of the fields that dr n. med. Maria Bortel-Badura is interested in, are treating Lyme disease and pain management. Furthermore, for many years she was conducting training courses for specialists from the medical field.

Program Council

Unceasing development is a quality shared by all companies that are consciously following the way to the top of the market. Raising skills and personal development for managerial staff, employees and everyone working for the company is one the primary rules, which we follow in DuoLife.

For this reason, we’ve created Personal Excellence Network, that, in turn, gave birth to Program Council, which provides invaluable help with coordinating and creating tasks directed at raising efficiency and personal and business development for everyone working with DuoLife.

Joanna Gdaniec

Joanna Gdaniec

Trainer and coach specializing in authentic sales strategy, Career Architects Sales Director. Thanks to her authentic sales strategy, in a span of a year she doubled the income in her company. During the workshops, Joanna will teach the attendees how to become an authentic seller, someone who can drastically improve his achievements both in business and career. Privately, Joanna and her sister Beata are working with each other, providing insight into business and career matters, with Joanna being a professional partner, co-worker, personal trainer and authentic sales mentor to her sister.

Beata Kapcewicz

Beata Kapcewicz

She is regarded as one of the best personal branding coaches in Poland. Beata co-created and spent eight years managing the Career Architects company, which helped created brands for over 20 000 customers. Today, Beata is the president of Librandt schooling company and Momentum Trainers Group as well as instructor, trainer, speaker and published author. Beata is known for her extensive knowledge and ability to bring out the best in people. Her training are always full of energy, packed with exercises, funny stories and “flying markers”.

Krzysztof Hillar

Krzysztof Hillar

Master at his craft, Krzysztof Hillar is an expert when it comes to public appearances and training speakers. He teaches how to get familiar with the stage, befriending and control it and how to enchant the public and provide the listeners with the greatest possible content, whether you’re trying to sell a product or service or you’re sharing your knowledge with others. Krzysztof is always learning from the best and performing on the biggest stages.